Twitter Digest: 2011-12-03

  • I love all you value-trapped, reversal-chasing RIMM bulls. Keep coming back, you hear? #
  • Guelph, Ontario business professor accidentally named Italian minister of agriculture. Merriment ensues. #
  • My friend @herbgreenberg's predictions for 2012. I hate to say it, but Herb is a star on retail, & should be read. #
  • Strange Bloomberg Headlines: Gingrich Said Freddie Mac Could Be Good Model for Mars Travel #
  • NOAA's 2011 Arctic report card is out. It's not a passing grade. #
  • Retry: Super TED talk on regret by @kathrynschulz named one of TED's Best of 2011 – #
  • . @BBatchman Fixed. See followup tweet, or this #
  • I'm thinking I want to be accidentally named Italian minister of something or another. Can one of you fine people arrange that? #
  • Ouch. RT @ritholtz: The Big Lie on CNBC Squawkbox $$ #
  • Bloomberg says average RIMM price target is $25, a 47% gain from current levels, and yet there are only 9 buys. Gosh. #
  • Tracking the SoCal wind storm. Crazy graph. #
  • The thing I like about the US IPO crisis is how insidious it is, what with it looking more like a bubble than a crisis. #
  • My backcountry running room with a view #
  • THis would have been a much better 360 from my run today if I would have remembered to clean sweat off lens – #
  • What did you learn this week? I"ll start. It's not the years or the mileage — it's both. #
  • Good learning! RT @adrianbye: @pkedrosky you are the king of twitter #
  • I have this friend who, for convenience, I'll call @bfeld. He posts sleep data to @runkeeper, like 9.8 h a night. I have huge sleep envy. #
  • More good learning. RT @christinelu: @pkedrosky I learned that ice cream melts in the freezer about 15 hours into a blackout. •_• #
  • Most elaborate ever California/Mexico drug tunnel found, complete with electric rail, elevator, etc. #
  • Pictures: World's 7 Most Extreme Airports #
  • Bloomberg study comparing "top toy" prices at Wal-mart vs Amazon. Upshot: The two are spookily evenly matched. #
  • More Kyle Bass-ishness. Soon this will be a 24h live channel. /via @StockJockey #
  • Greg Long on the upper limits of big wave surfing – /cc @briannorgard #

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