Twitter Digest: 2011-12-01

  • Suggestion: Facebook should cut float to 10 shares and price at Exxon's market cap of 381b. Go big or go home. #
  • Yes! RT @nickbilton: @pkedrosky I dunno, that sounds a bit low. Cut to 5, or less, and price at combined market cap of Exxon & Apple: $750b! #
  • Apple analyst Munster gives his latest (detailed) take on an Apple TV launch in 2012 – #
  • Good piece on the latest in procrastinator-friendly hotel res tools, incl @hoteltonight and @room_77 #
  • If this summer's Hurricane Irene's winds had been 5 mi/h stronger it would have flooded NYC's subways – #
  • Surprising how hard it remains to get a (cheap) borrow of LNKD shares. Anyone have nefarious theories? #
  • Growth in Canadian population from 2000-2011: 11%; Growth in govt employees over same period: 33%. #
  • Fascinating: Why 170 year old daguerreotypes contain more detail than your digital camera images – /cc @nickbilton #
  • QotD: [DRAMs use] state-of-the-art … technology, yet the finished products are sold for half the price of a rice ball #
  • Elizabeth Kolbert on fracking: Americans have never met a hydrocarbon they didn’t like – #
  • Am in Vail early next week, and looking like I may get a foot or so of snow as welcome. Thanks weather people. #
  • RT @arbesman: This looks amazing RT @pjlamberson: Free online complex systems course by Scott Page! #
  • Apple/Amazon/Google PE ratios over recent history. Interesting divergence. #
  • Kotlikoff: The Cure for an Uncoordinated Economy – #
  • I like how the Yahoo story is getting progressively more complicated today. Soon we'll have Yahoo bidding for itself, with Yahoo as partner. #
  • Just another day at the S&P 500 party: 491 stocks up, 9 stocks down, with Netflix leading the laggards. #
  • Yes! RT @dannysullivan: @pkedrosky groupon really needs to run an offer where if you buy yahoo, you get aol for free #
  • For M&A tax Yahoo geeks only, but … Yahoo: tax quandary muddies bids – #
  • Congrats to my movie-loving La Jolla friends at @Nettle on the MovieGoer app launch for iPhone – #
  • Goolsbee: If we had to have votes in Texas about helping Nevada, they would be pissed. – #
  • Fingeeks: Instead of me having to regularly mess with put-call parity dreck, does anyone know of a source for short equity carry costs? #
  • At least it wasn't "Man Bites Dog". RT @Drudge_Report: DOG SHOOTS MAN… #
  • It's hugely old school, I know, but I have and like my new Amazon Kindle Touch. #
  • This paper has makings of a horror movie: Microbial Biogeography of Public Restroom Surfaces #
  • Graphic: Public restroom germs have social networks too. #
  • Doing math on competing (alleged) Yahoo offers, Marc Andreessen on YHOO board is apparently worth $162m to the (lower) SLP bid. #
  • Evernote's "Clearly" extension for Google Chome is super. Recommended. #
  • Congrats David. RT @YAN0: My Interactive,, won the @EditorPublisher Eppy award for Best News or Event Feature. Hooray! #
  • Geez, if reporting/history says there's a tech incubator glut, say there is one. "Some fear"? Yeesh. #
  • Fun at LAX … RT @CBSLA: BREAKING: Power outage at LAX, planes being held for wind debris on runways, winds gusting at 47 mph #
  • Current live wind speeds on top of Mammoth Mountain CA are touching 100 mi/h. Fun. #
  • Kyle Bass's latest on the euro zone problems – /via @zerohedge #

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