Three Nutty Things Worth Reading, Plus the RIMM Product Pecking Order

  • The MF Global Black Box: A Minute By Minute Breakdown Of The Doomed Broker’s Last Week On Earth (Source)
  • Pair of Robbers Want Only iPhones, No BlackBerries  (Source)
  • French banker says UK should be downgraded first (Source)

On that second-last RIMM story (full disclosure, I’ve been short all year), here is the precedence of failing products:

  1. Stuff you can sell at a premium
  2. Stuff you only sell at market prices
  3. Stuff you can only sell at a discount
  4. Stuff you have to give away
  5. Stuff you can’t give away
  6. Stuff people won’t steal

Somehow, and this is sort of unprecedented, RIMM has reached Stage 6 of product. That’s almost unprecedented.


  1. indi500fan says:
  2. Lol. Yes, that story was unbelievable. I wonder how the top execs at RIM thought when they heard that a thief turned down a Blackberry!

  3. Paul: I know you are negative on RIM. But the article about the thieves turning down a Blackberry doesn't seem to be accurately titled. Yes, the HEADLINE says that, but in the body of the story the phone the thieves rejected was a Droid.