WSJ Gets Away from Whole Distracting “News” Thing

This browser screenshot show how WSJ is getting away from the whole “News” thing.



  1. Hey Paul, try making a semi transparent shaded box the next time.. so hard to understand this graphic.

    • Paul Kedrosky says:

      Good idea. I was in a hurry, but that would have helped.

      • Huh? This is a screen cap of what one would see after navigating to "Today's Paper" on the WSJ site. Presumably someone who's delved into the site to this level understands they're gonna have to do some further navigating to read the news in detail, much like turning the pages on the old-fashioned print version. The front page for the WSJ site is certainly more "newsie" than your screen cap suggests. Now, quibble if you will with the effectiveness of the site design, and there is no doubt the WSJ has widened the range of its content (Personal Journal, Greater NY, blogs etc) to the point that many howl about the erosion of its traditional strengths. Your post, though, doesn't really provide great evidence for your thesis.

        • Paul Kedrosky says:

          My, those sure are a lot of words. My point is that the WSJ's front page design is terrible, containing very little, you know, news. That said page contains meager information is a bug, not a feature.

          • Not a twitterite yet, still figuring out how to distill everything to soundbite purity. Your point about the front page might be more spot on were you to actually reference, you know, the site's front page.

  2. PK, big fan and frequent absorber of IG, but I gotta disagree with you on this one. I thought was the front page, but perhaps we lack a common frame of reference. Guess we will agree to disagree. In the vein of "never pick a fight with a guy who buys ink by the barrel" last word to you.

  3. People think I'm weird, but this is why I still get the print version. Nothing but news, wall to wall (minus advertisements, but they don't jump around and yell for my attention). That and it's way more satisfying to flip through a physical newspaper at the kitchen table on a saturday morning. I'm 28, so you can't blame it on me being old.

  4. Your idea of good design probably leads to worse analytics.
    I’m surprised that you don’t use adblock, it’s a huge productivity boost.