Twitter Digest: 2011-11-24

  • Didier Sornette getting his Ferriss freak on – #
  • The myth of renewable energy – #
  • Good analysis: Where is Microsoft’s growth going to come from? – #
  • First earth images from VIIRS on new NPP satellite – #
  • Model risk and the great recession – /cc @EmanuelDerman #
  • High-end music docks are getting truly bizarre – #
  • The New HTC Warning is Massive – /via @billmccandless #
  • Groupon adding to its down-bound move today, off 30% in three days & saying b-bye to IPO price. Kudos. #
  • Debunking the ‘Savings Glut’ Thesis – #
  • If only Congress were less ambitious – #
  • “Myside bias” — I was wrong and so are you: Liberals vs conservatives on economics – #
  • The Sandwich of the Year. For reals. #
  • In U.S., Self-Reported Weight Up Nearly 20 Pounds Since 1990 – /via@Richard_Florida #
  • Am on @BloombergTV this afternoon at 3pst. Thinking of doing a Groupon-related self-congratulatory circuit of studio. #
  • Family spending on food in the US, as share of total spending, has fallen by two thirds since 1901 #
  • .@ClaudRobichaux On Euro bubbles, I always remember my visit to AntFactory in London in 1999. Scarred me for life. #
  • Cute reword of supercommittee statement RT @suryasays: @pkedrosky how'd i do? #
  • Its that time … NYTimes: 100 Notable Books of 2011 #
  • Google quits plans to make cheap renewable energy – #
  • Pushed a button to lock my car and car beside mine turned on. Pushed again and it turned off. Once more and it turned on. #Correlationorama #
  • Chanos speaks on China – #
  • .@PurviRajani It was BMW and Lexus, but it was all spurious correlation. Was just unnerving. #
  • Usually "smart" and "casual gaming" don't go together, but @clemesha's new Wiki Game for iPhone is both – #
  • Idly wondering where GRPN ranks among fastest major (sic.) IPOs to break issuance price. #
  • Taking Back the Favelas: Rio Relying on Dubious Methods to Pacify its Slums – #
  • In other TV news, taping a segment today for CBC to air tonight on the structural reset in consumer consumption. /cc @Richard_Florida #
  • Like underwater Death Eaters: Ice Tornado Kills Everything It Touches – #
  • Having long-ago tumbled thru its fin'l crisis lows, RIMM at $16.31 is back to Jan 2004 levels. #
  • Today in Goldman news … RT @TreeHugger: Octopus Crawls Out of Water and Begins Walking on Land #
  • RT @FTAlphaville: Las Vegas bets on a tech future #
  • Microsoft back bidding for Yahoo? The gift(s) that keep on giving. #
  • In other MSFT-ish news: Gates-Backed Fund Halts New Grants as Crisis Hurts Giving #
  • My quick scan of Internet IPO data says last 'net IPO to out-worse GRPN in first 20 days trading was …. NFLX in 2002. #
  • More from Net IPO data: GRPN is worst 3-week performer for Goldman as underwriter since dot-com bubble. So there's that. #
  • By mixing data sources I cleverly missed NFLX's split when calc-ing worst 3-week Internet IPO performances. Whoops. GPRN back out in front. #
  • Is it just me noticing, or are surgical boots newly much more common than they used to be? #
  • There is someone in my tweet stream who shall go unnamed who is a wondrous source of DM fails. #
  • Paper: Global Banking Glut and Loan Risk Premium – #
  • Consumer electronics most desired by kids, 6-12 – #
  • Surfline: The mechanics of Mavericks – /cc @briannorgard #

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