Twitter Digest: 2011-11-23

  • Briefly flipped on CNBC this morning in time to see Ken Langone being a bug-eyed, anti-Obama nut-bag ranter. #
  • Fair enough. I defer to your more extensive data. RT @ritholtz: @pkedrosky also known as "being Ken" #
  • 15 minutes of watching Ken Langone on CNBC would create enough fact-checker jobs to lower US unemployment rate. /cc @andrewsorkin #
  • We need a word for people who can, by agreeing with you, make you wish you held a different opinion. #
  • Mostly enjoyed the offbeat NY-er article on Peter Thiel, but puzzled by one bit: 125,100 has 210 digits? Wha? #
  • Comments at Gawker are helpfully creating new Megyn Kelly memes. #
  • Good slide deck overview of latest thinking/science on barefoot running – #
  • Federer vs Nadal tonight at ATP World Tour Finals on ESPN3. Should be fun. #
  • Sell-side psychiatrist says fin'l industry stress is leading to "panic attacks, binge drinking and chest pains". Darn. #
  • With assistance from @arbesman, figured error in @newyorker article on Thiel. 125100 doesn't have 210 digits. 125^100 does. Big difference. #
  • New study of our willful ignorance when shown a magic trick. Explains most of finance too. #
  • [post] Going Public Decreases Innovation #
  • Not to mention the head pain: Walking through doorways causes forgetting, new research shows – #
  • Groupon has fallen an impressive 20% in last two days of trading. Congrats guys. #
  • FT: Randomness and the lost lesson of Bill Miller #
  • GRPN just blew through its IPO price like a rock through tissue paper, or something. #
  • RT @herbgreenberg: Sneak peak of my 2012 predictions….facebook won't go public next yr #
  • CalPERS cuts its target allocation to venture capital from 7% to 1%. #
  • QotD: "We used to take a plane to Milan and go shopping on the via Linate." #
  • Errol Morris on JFK and the umbrella man – /via @felixsalmon #
  • Woollcott: All the things I really like to do are either illegal, immoral, or fattening. #
  • Is It Really Possible to Decouple GDP Growth from Energy Growth? #
  • Painfully true: Forget Shopping, Friday Is Update Your Parents' Browser Day! – #
  • Pimco's El-Erian Calls U.S. Economy 'Terrifying' – #
  • Baker Forced to Make 102,000 Cupcakes for Grouponers #
  • CBC ideas: The Munk Debate — Krugman/Rosenberg vs Summers/Bremmer – #
  • When you book travel for me, give me options, let me tell you which option I firmly choose, and then wait 24 h as I change my mind. #
  • Every time I listen to Kyle Bass I come away thinking a) I'm not nearly bearish enough on Japan, and b) I wish I had never sold that fort. #
  • Yeah, aging Swiss bully. RT @minimumnz: @pkedrosky Federer 16 match streak, thrashes Nadal. When will he just retire already. #
  • Surprise and soccer betting: Over/under-reaction depends on how “surprising” the goal is. #
  • Starbucks Mutiny Exposes New York’s Reliance on Coffee Chain’s Toilets – #
  • Oil Abundance in Canada Provokes Anxiety & Creates Wealth – #
  • Alright, this was epic: Lily Shreds trailside – /via @davidascher #

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