Twitter Digest: 2011-11-22

  • Interview with Canada's ex-PM Chretien: We could have been Greece of today #
  • Huge congrats Chris! RT @cdixon: This happened: Thanks to everyone at hunch and nyc tech community. #
  • David Frum on the GOP’s Lost Sense of Reality – #
  • Riotous recent events in OWS and failure of debt supercommittee are handy clip 'n' save downbound moments for future historians. #
  • Video … RT @dkoneill: Worth watching, candid Steve Jobs at Next #apple #stevejobs #
  • Martin Wolf: How Iceland survived the fire: #
  • RGE: Italy Past Point Of No Return #
  • Salesforce stock off another 6.6% today (in an admittedly awful market). Wish I had shorted more way back when. #
  • Is Bloomberg out to dominate the world? Newsweek answers: /via @DRossingh #
  • Excellent new Cembalest of JPM on our energy delusions. Here is his list of broken dreams – #
  • I just had a nice conversation via email with Bloomberg help desk about merits of cubic splines. My geeky work here is done. #
  • Bloomberg: 10% of all hedge fund capital raised this year went to single fund, Winton Capital #
  • Bloomberg: AT&T tells customers of "organized and systematic" hack event. [Insert ATT dropped call joke here ________] #
  • What we really is a long-only Tuesdays fund. /via @EddyElfenbein #
  • Somewhat stretched argument, but interesting data: Low U.S. Birth Rate May Prolong Housing Slump – #
  • Google Gmail IOS app is a cross between awful, maddening and great. #
  • .@niccai No, but something else is newly sucking my battery dry on iPhone 4. Wish I knew what. #
  • Since upgrading to latest IOS my iPhone 4 batt life has been shit. I thought that was 4S issue only. #
  • Driving in La Jolla Cove midday is an augury of what octogenarian-clogged US roads will be like in 2030. So many turn signals always on. #
  • Worrisome behavior from an oligopolist: Saudi Aramco CEO urges more action on renewables: /via @drgrist #
  • Any day when you get to use "wackaloonishness", "Dr Moreau", and "libertarian" in same email is a good day. #
  • Read "Revolutions that Made the Earth" during my Europe & back trip last week. Complex, but recommended. #
  • I want to see a website game called "ETF or Pharmaceutical?" where have to guess about names like Pelax. #
  • Holy visualization. RT @anshelsag: @pkedrosky You see this? Its just epic in scale… #
  • What to do with unused contact lenses? Turns out you can't sell them on Ebay, etc. Switched brands, and now have extras. #
  • Apparently the viz is available. RT @nazarioz: or just purchase the posters, which Randall Munroe is selling in 2 sizes, on Amazon. #
  • The Saudis have reached a goal that they haven't set, but not a goal that had set. Victory! #
  • S&P and Moody's reaffirm U.S. credit rating. Whew. #
  • Schadenflyingfreude RT @flightstats: Significant flight delays #DFW #DAL #STL updates #
  • What is this "phone"? RT @CathleenRitt: We will learn who killed Natalie Wood before we get @pkedrosky on the phone #
  • Me too RT @interfluidity: I wish I disagreed with @edwardnh. #

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  1. Word is GOP just plays crazy to get what they want. Been fairly successful so far.