Twitter Digest: 2011-11-21

  • Weight Not Shape Modulates Brain fMRI Responses in When Judging Attractiveness of Human Female Bodies #
  • Financial illiteracy: New evidence from Germany shows investors grok interest, but not risk – #
  • Patents as measure of innovation are dubious, but … new study shows post-IPO cos slow innovation – #
  • Retirement ages around the world, Mexico (75) vs Bulgaria (58) – #
  • The ECB as Wallace Stevens' "blue guitar" – /via @gmrobertson #
  • World and U.S. Lowest Barometric Pressure Records – #
  • Nifty map: Starting up in NYC #
  • 72 hour trip to Madrid, Lisbon and London. Now back in San Diego and totally worked. #
  • Good take on urgent issues facing Mariano Rajoy, Spain’s (likely) next prime minister – #
  • Full Kyle Bass interview on Eurozone from BBC Hardtalk this week – #
  • Just had iPhone autocorrect change "Eurozone" to "eros zone". That made me happy. #
  • Just so we can all stop paying attention: a) There will be no US debt supercommittee deal, b) the preset cuts won't ever kick in. fyi. #
  • The end of Chinatown – #
  • Speaking of startup maps, a live map of tech ecosystem in East London – #
  • This tweet intentionally left blank (other than the words "This tweet intentionally left blank"). #
  • Nice to have a phrase for one of my traits: Irish goodbye. #
  • Yet Another Eurozone Visualization (YAEV): Who owes what to whom? #
  • Good overview of all the ways the end of the world may be nigh. Nothing about bears tho. – #
  • Detailed and convincing look at the inadequacy of pumped hydro storage for grid-scale storage in U.S. – #
  • RT @Richard_Florida: UC Davis as "turning point" RT @billmckibben #
  • I get more tweet spam in response to mentioning Occupy Wall Street than I do from mentioning iPads. #PiningForEightWeeksAgo #
  • Hey, the Angel Investing is A Bubble About to Collapse meme is back. Its periodicity is down to two weeks, & shrinking. #
  • We need to move beyond collapsing angels. I now think angels will end up eating each other with fava beans & a little chianti. #
  • Whistler Opening Day — love the latenight lift line – /via @earlyups #
  • 130cm of snow in this week's forecast for Whistler-Blackcomb. That's not fair. #
  • McAfee: Nearly All New Mobile Malware In Q3 Targeted At Android Phones – #

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