Twitter Digest: 2011-11-17

  • The Pew U.S. budget challenge simulator #
  • Me in Forbes on migration in America – /cc @Richard_Florida #
  • That'll teach 'em RT @BloombergNews: U.S. Marines to be deployed in Australia | #
  • Seemingly every male under 30 on this flight wearing Tapout shirts and hoodies. If Desmond doesn't push button this group won't last long. #
  • 100 best last lines from novels. I'm fond of "Now everybody—" from Pynchon's Gravity’s Rainbow – #
  • I closed out long side of my oil calendar spread trade today on the price surge. Tease me later if it continues to $110. #
  • I love the email ideas I get from hedgies: "You only lose money on this if Credit Suisse goes belly up". #
  • Nice RT @om: What a human being should be able to do #
  • New paper: Social networks and cooperation decay – @arbesman #
  • Busy saturating this AA flight wifi with streaming music, Bloomberg terminal, etc. The bits stop here. #
  • Hitwise: All US search engines outside Google/Bing/Yahoo accounted for sum total of 6% of searches in October #
  • As ever, general purpose eats special purpose: The end of the portable device – #
  • California legislative analyst forecasting $13b deficit in 2013. Now that won't be easy to bridge with IPO option gains. #
  • Favorite graph from excellent new Bloomberg Government report on Keystone XL pipeline fallout – #
  • [post] Buiter: Europe’s Time is Running Out Fast #
  • Fitch on U.S. banks' exposure to European contagion. Read with strong drinks handy. #
  • Great work. Glad I could assist: The completely new Forbes interactive migration map, now with 5 years of data #
  • Rambus just re-opened down 78% after a court time-out for bad behavior. Prize to anyone who finds biggest option move. #
  • Nifty new book – Magical Mathematics: The Mathematical Ideas that Animate Great Magic Tricks /via @arbesman #
  • Boarding for long overseas flight. Preemptive despondency plus many unwarranted pre-judgements of fellow passengers. #
  • Whew. MT @AspenInstitute: "Business Schools Continue to Focus on Ethics" – #
  • And … now it's Spain. #
  • Dude on plane to Madrid looked like @nickbilton of NYT's clone. Turned out to be @nickbilton. Shared whiskey over Greenland. #

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  1. carlmercurio says:

    It’s official: I’m completely out of touch re. popular culture. I had to google “Tapout shirts.”

    Re: last lines. Never thought about it, but sure enough there’s a list of top 100 last lines of novels by American Book Review:

    I’d have to go with Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises: “Isn’t it pretty to think so.”