Twitter Digest: 2011-11-16

  • So we've got that going for us: First Social Media ETF Goes Live #
  • I've seen this on the I-5 near Encinitas: How a tram travelling at light speed gets distorted due to relativity #
  • The nonsensical "government as household" budget metaphor, by Steven Landsburg in WSJ. He knows better. #
  • Apple iPhone effect big enough to tweak latest U.S. retail sales data #
  • Good analysis of Sony's design problems – #
  • Good story: From paintball games to media entrepreneur, Hootsuite – /via @bholly #
  • New @wnycradiolab: Patient zero — people and things that set events in motion. Good fun. #
  • Where has this happened before … RT @globebusiness: Canadians putting homes at risk with lines of credit #
  • [post] Buffett: Aged Companies ‘r’ Us #
  • Leaving for Spain, Portugal, and London tomorrow, so you lovely people are on your own for a spell. #
  • Try not to break anything, etc. #
  • Payments in "secret farm bill" would balloon if commodity prices fall. Good thing prices are low. Wait. #
  • Microsoft shareholders grumble at annual meeting – #
  • Dell guiding tonight rev growth to "low end" of 1-5% range. Mortuaries more of a growth business than are PCs. #
  • With his Paris weekend win, Roger Federer is on a twelve-match winning streak. Impressive for the old guy. #
  • Oil approaches $100 a barrel #
  • Smil: The myth of the innovator hero – #
  • Smil: Obama's indefensible pipeline punt /cc @GregorMacdonald #
  • Somehow this Cloris Leachman moment came up in an email thread today – #
  • The angry comments at obvious idea that startups are over-funded are most telling thing about this post – #
  • While I'm on video clips that came up today, so did this classic one from Gumball Rally – #
  • Sat in Thai restaurant today at lunch with a friend using my Bloomberg terminal. That's really geeky, isn't it? Just realizing. #
  • Kyle Bass is/was on BBC Hardtalk tonight talking Europeean debt. He was … being Kyle. #
  • Today in strange non-Bloomberg headlines: Broker launches UK terror model – #
  • Good analysis of winners and losers in the Keystone XL madness – #
  • QotD: The problem is the boring people online — they're incred diff to get rid of, because they're often really nice. #
  • Good analysis: Saudi Oil Production Declining (Again) #
  • Geology meets architecture meets finance: Bedrock Depth and the Formation of the Manhattan Skyline, 1890-1915 – #
  • Today in copper prices: Would-be copper thief falls thru LA grocery market ceiling. Lands at cash register. #
  • I can't decide which part of Gingrich's absurd, hypocritical and deranged Freddie Mac behavior I like most. #
  • Bookstaber: Class Warfare and Revolution (Circa 1850) #
  • Entertainingly bizarre: Star Trek-TNG crew watches Star Wars IV on the viewscreen – #
  • Ghost hotels: Booming China hotel market has translated into lowest occupancy rates in Asia – #

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