Twitter Digest: 2011-11-15

  • Bering Sea super storm photo set – #
  • RT @kevinkrim: A guide to Jack Dorsey's 80-hour workweek (very impressive, if it works…time will tell) #
  • Alan Blinder argues against flat tax in WSJ. I'm assuming an editor will soon be sacked. #
  • Sign #3759 that you were off the grid too much lately: Just realized that I haven't checked email in two days. #
  • Fave moment from my Q&A with Sequoia's Valentine in Palm Desert last week: He asked for hands of people funded by Sequoia, & none went up. #
  • Dear Twitter-sphere: What is the difference between an "iterative" and a "reiterative" process? #
  • Trying to watch Roger McNamee's talk on the future of tech. I defy you to do it while seeing his hair. #
  • Unnerving data about young people's preferred employers, led by Google and Dept of State – #
  • Here is that same student survey data on preferred employers, but from Europe – #
  • From now I am going to call Roger McNamee the "Tech Whisperer". Why did he whisper his way through his TEDx talk? #
  • I cannot read LOLR (lender of last resort) without Bored of the Rings flashbacks to Goodgulf Greyteeth, Frito Bugger, et al. #
  • Tyler Cowen currently debating some cornuccopians – #
  • Google has most effective dot-com TV ads this year, while TheLadders and Go Daddy are least – /cc @cenedella #
  • What I like about Wells Fargo is its steadfast resistance to allowing me to move money between accounts. Righteous. #
  • I love Wells Fargo even more now that I know it transfers money out to an ACH just so that it can transfer between internal accounts. #
  • Breathtaking video of starling murmuration. #
  • Lex in the FT over the weekend: "What a pity the world cannot always live in the aggregate." #
  • IPOs should be easier, but this is flawed logic. #
  • 2010 renewable energy data book – /cc @katiefehren #
  • From a new paper, a list of abnormalities found in endurance athletes' ECGs – #
  • Sad. RT @bryce: I knew Jamie from our time in the Snowbird tramline. great guy, terrible loss. (via @TetonGravity) #
  • The Birth-Death-Mutation Process: A New Paradigm for Fat Tailed Distributions – #
  • Meant to mention it sooner, but @SteveCase was masterful on entrepreneurship last week at E&Y/Palm Desert. Direct, urgent, & compelling. #
  • Latest (unhappy) OECD data on startup rates around the world – #
  • BCA: Switch to "buy on weakness" from "sell on strength" – #
  • RT @CMEGroup: Book review from @financialtimes — Currency Wars $study #
  • Why Italy needs to fix its labor markets (via JPM) – #
  • The smart, funny George Bush guy who spoke in Palm Desert should run for president. Too bad he shares a name with Obama's predecessor. #
  • That Buffett is buying IBM/Intel etc. makes me feel even better about my MSFT short. The sector is late-life value play. #
  • Give me your tired, your … never-mind. RT @peHUB: Summify CEO: U.S. Immigration Issues Drove Us to Vancouver #
  • LazyTwitter: WHat's easiest programmatic way to get founding dates for an arbitrary list of companies? #
  • Best predictor of stock being bought by Warren Buffett? Age: Only 3 of his 10 largest holdings founded in 20th(!) century. #
  • RT @MarkThoma: "Congress is Indeed Subject to Insider Trading Laws" #
  • Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: [to Inga from behind the bookcase] Put… the candle… back! #
  • Hate cliched expression "low-hanging fruit". Btw, what is its opposite? Deeply-buried vegetables? #
  • RT @EddyElfenbein: @pkedrosky Agreed. That cliche needs to be thrown under the bus. #
  • Hung out on @BloombergTV this afternoon taiking Buffett, why shorting Groupon is costly, etc. #
  • So, I bleat-tweeted here earlier about Wells Fargo, & some fine gentlemen from there just called. This Twitter thing could be big. #
  • This is pure @timoreilly: Insightful, surprising, literate and positive. Birth of the global mind – #
  • Incredible shot from photo set on Thailand's slow-moving floods – #
  • Spoke to Barry Silbert of SecondMarket on weekend. Intrigued by his idea that going public should be a dial, not a switch. #
  • Wonder which startups' businesses Google smoked today with the Big Query announcement. #
  • Good FT piece on the dea(r)th of IPOs (other than part where it gets GOOG offering wrong) – #
  • California’s tax revenue trailed projections in October for the fourth consecutive month #
  • CA tax revs highly levered to stock option exercise, so rev gains ahead on LNKD (soon), Zynga etc later. Could shrink deficit quickly. #
  • Cop1: Wouldn't hold out much hope for the tape deck though. Cop2: Or the Creedence. #
  • Comments like on this FT thread show why paywalls don't even slow idiots & trolls down – #
  • The private and social costs of patent trolls – /via @bfeld #
  • New paper: Positive _and_ negative news about a company on CNBC makes its stock go up – #
  • Putting Alaskan super-storms in context: This one was bad, but not that bad – #

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  1. Now that's a good question. I'm gonna go with "fast running meat."

  2. Can anyone provide the 1987 annual report 10k for Coke (KO) needed for study assignment

    regards Ron Australia