Twitter Digest: 2011-11-11

  • Sis-boom-bah 1%, etc.: U.S. ultra wealthy will outnumber Asia rich for the next 20 years | #
  • Another day, another slide for RIMM. I'm sure it's just pining for the fjords. #
  • Remembering the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, 36 years later #TheWindInTheWiresMadeATattletaleSound #
  • Gave talk yest at @Defrag in Denver. Was nominally about pages left intentionally blank, death and FOMO. I need to choose easier topics. #
  • Yikes RT @JustinNOAA: Storm surges in Alaska include 10 feet in Nome #
  • .@EddieBraverman Love Lightfoot. And Stomping Tom Connors, of course. #
  • Right. I did start my @Defrag presentation by playing Zork live. RT @arbesman: @pkedrosky Don't forget the Zork prelude #
  • New data on the dual-track startup funding market: Seed up; Series A down #
  • NYT: Room 77, a New Way to Search for Hotel Rates #
  • It pleases me that until today I had no idea who Joe Paterno was, and now I don't need to know forever. #
  • .@dschatsky Yes, it was on the blaring TV in the gym here in Palm Desert today. Tragically unavoidable. #
  • Guy that I just told where your left-behind laptop is? The words you're looking for are "Thank you". Yeesh. #
  • Assuming there isn't one already, can we start a Slate Deathwatch? I'm taking July 2012. #
  • Caught myself again today about to press a finger against a paper page to get a definition. #Kindled #
  • According to Data Explorers, Groupon's entire float has been sold short – #
  • That Groupon short-selling data is a reminder that a GRPN put selling strategy looks interesting once options start trading. #
  • Ninety-Foot Waves along Portugal Coast /cc @briannorgard #
  • Top job trends, Q2/2010-Q2/2011. Mobile, mobile, mobile. #
  • Climate change and climate variability: The new climate dice – /via @Revkin #
  • Possibly the best app update notes ever – /@sferik via @herf #
  • Gala dinner in Palm Desert on runway at the Air Museum. Surrounded by WWII fighter jets Total coolness. #

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  1. FYI, there is too much politics in the Climate Dice story to take it seriously.

  2. Carl Mercurio says:

    Zork! Bar, bar…Echo, echo. Welling up with nostalgia. Take me back!