Twitter Digest: 2011-11-10

  • Stypi is sort of interesting-ish – #
  • Rare, epic-magnitude storm blasts northwestern Alaska – #
  • Shocker … Reuters: French, Germans explore idea of core euro zone – #
  • More good analysis & data on the "Bering superstorm" – /via @sawickipedia #
  • "Explosive deepeners", "meteorological bombs", "stronger than Perfect Storm": I love meteorological enthusiasm. #
  • Life in a box is better than no life at all, I expect – #
  • Just thought time was going backwards, but realized it was battery indicator not clock. Whew. – #
  • Groupon second-best performing of all the bad performing Class of 2011 IPOs today. That's just wrong. – #
  • As my friend @GregorMacdonald says, we have ringside seats to history right now. #
  • Capital markets again feel like Galloping Gertie at resonant frequency: a system in crisis. #
  • Dear fellow airline boarders: No, we don't all get there at the same time. Stop saying it and pissing me off. #
  • Think Jason Bourne is on this flight. Just watched guy pull out six passports and around $10,000. Multiple currencies. #
  • Mind you, this Jason Bourne guy looks too much like @davidhornik for anyone to take him seriously as a spy. #

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  1. nothing on the new record for the biggest wave ever surfed?

    also a candidate for worst video editing ever. terrible cut to the board shot.