Twitter Digest: 2011-11-08

  • Word of the day: "ring rage", that feeling you get when your phone rings from someone actually calling you. #
  • What Stewart Brand Is Reading and Watching – #
  • Lengthy Paris Review interview of author William Gibson (@greatdismal) – #
  • "… economics becomes more discursively powerful the greater its incapacity to inform us on … existing capitalism." #
  • i dread the thought of reading Gladwell's piece on Steve Jobs in NY-er. The former's compulsive contrarianism exhausts me. #
  • Papers from the near future: On the irresistibility of used bubble wrap #
  • Love my youngest's mondegreen for "contact lenses" — he calls them "constant glasses". #
  • Note to Malcolm Gladwell: Great tweaking _is_ invention (cf., William Shawn) #
  • I know zero about football, but this is interesting: The Footage the NFL Won't Show You #
  • Incredible. RT @izakaminska: Amazing colour photos of Warsaw from 1947 (showing war damage) #
  • Does Moore's Law apply to solar cells? – /via @nytimeskrugman #
  • From opening tick today to current price, Groupon has tumbled almost 10%. #
  • Echoing @TimHarford, nice to see Freakonomics getting abused for increasingly dumb arguments. #
  • While I hate patent trolls too, a Google lawyer whinging about mobile IP theft rankles – #
  • Technology Is Finally Affecting Furniture Design – #
  • Recreationally checked availability on a GRPN short today. Nope. #
  • The US smartphone landscape #
  • Pettis: Germany, not China, must bail out Europe – #
  • Ultra distance trail-running is so taxing many competitors skip events. Meet its top athlete. #
  • Hey, back off Argentina. We're busy right right now with Italy. #
  • Tracking the skyrocketing post-flood prices of hard-disk drives – #
  • Russia warns against Israeli air strike on Iran – #
  • Worst airports in North America in October 2011, by on-time performance – /via @flightstats #
  • Anyone ever done the Cactus to Cloud hike up Mt San Jacinto? Unreasonable to solo it in 3-4 hours? #
  • Tip to hotel owners w/wide: Never make your hotel name sound like Don Pardo. #
  • What a day: Paul Krugman warns of alien invasion (, & White House says we're okay ( #
  • Missed this: California turfs senior oil permitting official – #
  • In other news, Hummer to roll out bigger SUV. RT @BloombergNews: EU to roll out bigger rescue fund | #
  • Video: Stormchaser's car flips during tornado today near Tipton, OK #
  • Taleb in NYT: End Bonuses for Bankers – /via @MarkThoma #

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  1. Awesome – I learned a new word! "Mondegreen" – wiki examples of which include both Family Guy and the Two Ronnies. Epic.