Twitter Digest: 2011-11-07

  • Entertainingly digressive Geoff Dyer review of new Martin Amis biography – #
  • "Does it mean anything he is wearing a hat?" "I think his ears are cold." #TodayinPenetratingNYCMarathonCommentary #
  • We're so screwed MT @Bill_Gross: When Justin Bieber says "Night Girls" 29,612 of them reply! That's 0.2% reply rate on 14,143,871 followers #
  • Edward Chancellor: Germany’s eurozone trilemma – #
  • NYC Marathon runners abducted by aliens along Verrazano Bridge – /via kathrynschulz #
  • Evans-Pritchard: Europe's rescue fiasco leaves Italy defenceless – #
  • Disqualifying behavior RT @emilychangtv: My bizarre encounter with Andrew Mason and other Groupon execs in Times Square #
  • Made ginger five-spice salmon tonight with spinach & garlic salad. I amaze me with my cooking skillz. #
  • Attempted commodity theft of bronze statue of Ronald Reagan thwarted. Insert joke here _________. #
  • Weeks after hard-drive makers' stocks crushed, NYT perks up and notices a problem – #
  • Long load time, but totally^2 worth it: Mining powder at Retallack BC – /via @ski_pdx #
  • As much as I would life to continue to lay waste to nonsensical tweets tonight, I have offspring to bathe. You lovely kids are on your own. #

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