Twitter Digest: 2011-11-05

  • Goldman already profitability facilitating other side of GRPN: Lending at high negative rate to short-sellers. Such pirates. #
  • Apparently people misunderstood my earlier Goldman/Groupon shorting tweet. I'm amused by it, not angered. #
  • College students interested in data and equity markets? The Tableau BI Competition #
  • In San Diego terms, went for freezing cold & rainy trail run this morning. Summit looked roughly like this Loved it. #
  • "Professor or Hobo?" quiz. I flunked. – /via @kathrynschulz #
  • Reviewing the new and very large Murakami novel, by @kathrynschulz #
  • I'm likely last to see this, but …. Halloween or Williamsburg – /via @cltrom #
  • Did Groupon go public yet? I hadn't heard anything. #
  • Apparently Groupon hasn't even filed an S-1 yet. Wonder what company I was thinking of that was set to IPO. #
  • 'nuff snowy said – #
  • Has anyone seen this new Chicago company, Group-On? I signed up, but unsubscribed after getting emailed pedicure offer. #
  • Great tip! RT @macjay: @pkedrosky If you want better pedicure offers, try this new search engine called Goo-gal. 😉 #
  • RT @jonlabes: Have your voice used in "The Dark Knight Rises" #
  • Assuming present trends hold, by August 12, 2013, around 10am, the most popular IPhone app will be one to share photosharing apps. #
  • About time. RT @paidContent: Yahoo Shareholder Third Point Demands Yang Leave Board, Wants Two Seats #
  • Papandreou made it thru Greece non-confidence vote tonight. Isn't party majority two, not three though? #
  • Thanks. RT @JasonDMoncrieff: @pkedrosky two independents voted yes #
  • Mammoth Dreams, the Story of Dave McCoy – trailer #
  • A friend of a friend sends this from Whistler, where grooming is underway this evening – #

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  1. For the "Professor or Hobo?" quiz a good heuristic seems to be: If looking into lens, then answer Professor.