Twitter Digest: 2011-11-04

  • Poll: What percentage will Groupon IPO open up tomorrow? via @polldaddy #
  • Just posted a quick Groupon IPO poll for tomorrow. Not to bias things overly, but I'm on record with 50% float-driven pop possible. #
  • How many polls will there be about inane Groupon subjects in next 24 hours? #
  • What's the difference, if anything, between Jawbone's new Up thingie and a Fitbit? #
  • I love how people feel compelled to explain to me how IPOs work. #
  • Bloomberg reporting that Greece referendum idea has been scrapped. Apparently they're moving it to PollDaddy. #
  • In other news, that woman beside you in bed is Suzanne Pleshette. RT @BloombergTV: Papandreou: Would never put Euro as referendum question #
  • McKinsey: Another oil shock ahead – #
  • We should be much more blasé about oil price shocks. Clearly we have insulated our economy from such things. #
  • Il Pleut. Greece has poured vinegar on the G20's frites. #
  • Rethinking Revolutionary User Interfaces – #
  • If the over-airy Google Reader ui is driving you mad, an effective tweak – #
  • NYT: The High-Tech Home Office – #
  • Must be DM fail day today. Seen some doozies. Thanks all for the entertainment. #
  • Amusing that some venture firms still discovering that mixed IT/clean tech/bio investing doesn't work. Unrelated: Apples still fall down. #
  • Max Hastings' latest, "Inferno", a one-volume WWII history, is a career capstone. Rich, moving & human. #
  • Apparently some company called "Group-On" is going public tomorrow. Doing a segment on Bloomberg TV at 3pm pst to find out more. #
  • Good piece on Bloomberg right now about the auteur theory of venture capital. If I could web link to it, I would. #
  • Video: Brazilian police ram moving plane to stop drug smugglers. /via @DrVes #
  • Today in 1999-ishness: Deepak Chopra Brings Well-Being To Start-Up AHALife – #
  • BBC's In Our Time on the origins, science and mythology of the moon. #
  • Hugely amusing that people treat IPO pricing as some sort of science. People, it's a marketing exercise. #
  • This entire Groupon thingie is a reminder of how absurd the IPO process is. All regulatory & Wall Street theater. #
  • Cool fin'l app. RT @slaven: @pkedrosky Just an update, launched today, hit #1 in finance on both Canada and US side #
  • I'm intro-ing VC legend Don Valentine next week at event in Palm Desert. Honored to do so. #
  • Hmm. RT @BloombergNews: 40 Republicans back revenue hike to cut deficit | #
  • I see a new ornithological Steadicam ahead – #
  • On the idiosyncratic causes of suboptimal free throw shooting, or, why physicists can't score – #
  • On the idiosyncratic causes of suboptimal free throw shooting, or, why physicists can't score – #
  • What was the last tech IPO to (at least) double offering size on eve of offering? Anyone? #
  • .@LongShortTrader Sadly, I don't have the answer. Night before doubling. Trying to find out. #
  • Here is one. RT @40z: @pkedrosky Looks like Solazyme did it in May, but it was algae #
  • I won't link to it, because that would be falling for it, but @hblodget is apparently wangling for a Groupon linkbait award tonight. #
  • Ignore my earlier tweet about doubling IPO offering size. Temporarily went mad. #
  • Scoring Strategies for the Underdog: A general, quantitative method for determining optimal sports strategies #
  • Paul Volcker: Financial Reform — Unfinished Business #

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