Twitter Digest: 2011-11-03

  • Am entertained by the debacle at Sony today: halving TV sales estimates, troubles in components, etc. Huge confirmatory bias fodder. #
  • Full disclosure: Still cheerfully short Sony, of course. #
  • Updata: With me slowly covering RIMM, my two largest tech shorts are now MSFT and SNE. No glory in former — yet. #
  • "Everyone has opinions. We have convictions." Ironic magazine ad from newly bust MF Global /via @wsj #
  • Speaking of WSJ, I like how it's getting away from whole distraction of running news on front page. #
  • Am on a zero travel week. It always feel like being at a resort on holidays. #
  • Having been involved with its propagation early on, can I now say I wish people would shut up already about "big data". I am so tired of it. #
  • What's the opposite of "big data"? Little anecdote. I'm officially back in favor of that. #
  • RT @kathrynschulz Big Data to Little Anecdote = frying pan to fire. How about "modest hypothesis" (or even "small hunch") instead? #
  • Celebrity defined down RT @brianstorms: Surprise visit from @pkedrosky at @Nettle's office! Our first celebrity! :-) #
  • Notice telltale hats, khaki shorts, upturned collars & stroller: Yes, a sighting of homo touristicus, La Jolla variant #
  • Only time I watch hour of fincl TV is when having my teeth cleaned, which is often on Fed days. Now associate @SullyCNBC with tooth pain. #
  • I'm in Portugal week after next. Don't say I didn't warn you. #
  • Because It's Steep: Why people run Mt Washington – /via @kathrynschulz #
  • Watching Ben Bernanke press conferences is much better on nitrous oxide. All the beard, none of the content. #
  • First bears, and now this: Swimming jellyfish may influence global climate – #
  • Roy Batty would have loved this: Clearance of p16Ink4a-positive senescent cells delays ageing-associated disorders – #
  • Energy Economics: What Will Turn Us On in 2030? #
  • Ah, ash falling from the sky and the smell of burning chaparral. It must be Santa Ana season in San Diego. #
  • I get the distinct sense that in an alternative dimension I was/am/will be a pyromaniac. I love the smell of wildfires #
  • Argued to a friend today that Google today increasingly reminds me of Microsoft circa 1999. Such clumsiness after such a run. #
  • New paper: "Price-quakes" in global stock exchanges – #
  • Got to play "guess the reporter's real agenda" on a reporter call today. I hate doing that, but refuse to be sandbagged. #
  • U.S. is first choice of wealthy Chinese emigrants, but Canada right behind which is huge per capita skew – #
  • .@AGORACOM Yeah, made that point in a blog post. China funneling is larger yet when you consider immigration is Vancouver/Toronto only. #
  • Pew: Graphic of historical long-term US unemployment #
  • Only Robert Reich can take data I agree with and an argument I agree with and make me disagree. That's a skill. #
  • Favorite email subject line du jour: "Paul Kedrosky is Half Executed". #

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