Twitter Digest: 2011-11-02

  • Explosive Volatility: A Model of Financial Contagion #
  • What are the current odds we have military government in Greece by end of year? 20% 60%? Higher? #
  • Narrative fallacies, convenience sampling, etc. played role in Dutch soc psych fraud, approp enough – #
  • Huge solar power plants are blooming in California's southern deserts – #
  • Greece PM George Papandreu increasingly reminds me of former Newfoundland premier Clyde Wells in the Meech era, but that's just me. #
  • What news Americans follow, 1996-2008 #
  • On my Greece military rule question, answers were trimodal: 2% / 50%/ never. Some point out military now less capable of rule than Papandreu #
  • RT @seb_shepard: @pkedrosky neatly broken into: gloomy Europeans / cynical N. Americans / Greeks #
  • Eurozone crisis: live blog #
  • Note to self: Don't leave possessions on other continents. Huge pain getting them back. #
  • Cognitive dissonance: Fuel economy now in top 10 factors for U.S. sports car buying for 1st time ever – /via @drgrist #
  • The (r)evolution of the marathon: An unprecedented era #
  • Good analysis: Greek referendum is coin-flip on euro exit #
  • Despondent Greeks call referendum plan blackmail – #
  • Those fall/winter/spring/summer colds are the worst. #
  • Recently finished Ian Kershaw's "The End", on the final days of Hitler's Germany. Smart & unrelenting. #
  • Scholarships for snowboarders looking to attend mountain schools? I want to be 18 again. #
  • Got to respond to a Groupon hypothetical yesterday on @BloombergTV with "If my aunt had wheels she'd be a bicycle". My work here is done. #
  • I also argued yesterday on @BloombergTV that we should worry about Groupon "pundit fatigue". What will all these people do post-IPO? #
  • Lest anyone be in doubt that Greece's infection has moved well beyond that host, I give you Italy – #
  • Bethany McLean: Did accounting help sink Corzine’s MF Global? /via @john_hempton #
  • Martin Wolf: Creditors can huff but they need debtors #
  • Love the Freudian autocorrect of European "momentary union" for "monetary union". #
  • Lake Mead's glass is no longer half empty, but 52% full – #
  • Twenty of the world's top athletes and explorers share their dream trips – #
  • Flipped to new Gmail UI and am very unhappy. How do I go back? #
  • Whew, back in old Gmail. I missed my Minimalist Gmail extension. #
  • Spider porn and moments of transcendence – #
  • The never-ending Fed obsession with mortgage refinancing in U.S. is a remarkable indictment of monetary policy. #
  • So, we're three weeks from the US supercommitee deadline, and also 17 days from a possible govt shutdown. I see no troubles there. #
  • You'll either really dig this, or go WTF? A self-referential aptitude test – #
  • Pesek: Mona Lisa Will Look Great on China’s Wall – #
  • Lowenstein: The widespread belief that liquidity offers safety is an illusion, & a terribly dangerous one at that. #
  • Bogleheads: How do you deal with all the economic doom & gloom? – #
  • "I was on safari in the suburbs". — Louis Theroux, "America's Most Dangerous Pets" #
  • If any of you fine people get a chance to watch this new Louis Theroux BBC special on wild pets, watch it. He's like no-one else. #
  • Thoughtful energy outlook with data for both peak-ers and non-peak-ers – #
  • Good perspective: Tax impasse threatens US deficit progress: #FT #

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