Restroom Social Networks

Germs have social networks, at least in public restrooms (via PLoS):



  1. PhD biologist says:

    Errr people touch the toilet flush handle with their hands? I use my foot.
    Guess that explains why those samples are distributed in space between the floor samples and the seat samples.

  2. Hmm, yet the toilet seat/toilet flush handle grouping lacks the toilet floor association. I would have thought that if you use your foot to manipulate the handle, you'd also use it to mick the seat up/down. I guess that's just me :)

  3. People use their feet to manipulate toilet seats and flush handles? How antisocial! If I wanted filth from the floor on my hands I would put it there myself. You people are just as bad as the “hoverers” who are too squeamish to sit on the seat, and so spray it with effluent, thus making a problem where there wasn’t one before.