Latest on Barefoot Running

I’m a complete convert to barefoot running lately, so this is a helpful overview from a recent presentation on the current science.




  1. Full BF or vibrams?

  2. Would be interesting to review orthopedic surgeons ( those dealing predominantly with the hooves ) opinions on patient injuries – shoe / no shoe. otherwise the ancedotal sermons referencing small/incomplete/misinterpreted studies are of not much application.

  3. Most the people I've seen in VFFs still heel strike and overstride.

    I recommend a high-tech version of the Tarahumara huaraches sandals — VERY barefoot feel, lighter weight, and less expensive.

    • Barefoot running: it’s all about having the right gear.

      Seriously, if somebody is heelstriking too much with vibrams, why would you put them in something that will injure them even faster? If their nervous system isn’t getting the message, more punishment is not going to help. Retraining takes patience and you’re better off with heelstrike than a limp.

  4. The results are clear flashy presentation transitions are harmful to your mental health.

    • Michael P. says:

      I agree with @britt. It is clear from this post and accompanying video that when it comes to the issue of barefoot running, Prezi is an absolutely awful way to present information. Just awful. Makes my old and all the science that supports PPT as rubbish look totally pedestrian. Prezi has taken awful to the next level. Wow. Gosh.

  5. So why not get the best of both worlds, cushioned shoes which are designed to bias you to a mid-foot strike…well I guess that she companies are already on to that (e.g. Saucony Peregrine / Kinvara, Brooks Pure, etc.).

  6. I was in to see my podiatrist at the UW (Seattle) sports medicine clinic a few months back for a running injury, and he mentioned in passing that they've seen an explosion in injuries related to bare foot running.

  7. Paul, I was doing a lot of barefoot running ; Loving it. I believe that I now have stress fracture in my metatarsal. I was running the best that I've run in a long time. One day, I came up lame. I have attributed it to stress fracture. Be careful. I'm on the shelf for 6-8 weeks. Can't put pressure on it. Too much Too fast. EASE it – or you'll definitely get hurt.