Fun with Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend riffs, verbally

Let me introduce you briefly to my inner artist, then I will put him back in his box.


I dont give a shit about making money. I think rock music is junk. I am a genius. The Who were OK but without me they would have all ended up working in the flower market, or worse – in Led Zeppelin. John Peel played some records that were so bad that I thought he was taking the piss sometimes. The BBC only gave us Pop Radio 1 in the 60s five years after the pirates had proved there was an audience for it. Sadly, unlike the pirates, they didnt accept payola.

I really should put this inner artist guy back in his box yes? Have we got our newspaper headlines yet?

via Pete Townshend Accuses iTunes of Not Doing Enough For Musicians, Says Illegal Downloaders Might As Well Steal His Sons Bike While Theyre At It | The Measure.



  1. Pete's comments were all true as I see it. He was the WHo basically.
    Led Zep had some real crappy tunes after the first album and just think how great they would have been without Robert Plant's dark lyrics and screechy vocals.
    Pete always did say WTF was that ? about Led Zep
    I always wondered how the pay was split in rock groups. Did Pete take $75% being the creative soul of WHO ?
    I mean how much did Ringo get? Or what % does Bill Wyman of Stones get?

    • Paul Kedrosky says:

      Good question. I bet it was even split, but I have no basis for that other than not having heard otherwise anywhere else.

      • LZ was even split 5 ways — 4 and members plus mgr Peter Grant who also fronted them $$ in the beginning. As far as Pete Townsend being 75% of the Who, he just sounds like a grumpy old lunatic. Remember Keith Moon?? And since LZ outsold and outdrew The Who nearly their entire career, the collective wisdom (including me) says LZ was in the top tier and The Who was not.