Energy and Us

The latest from Michael Cembalest of JP Morgan, wherein he makes a pilgrimage to see Vaclav Smil in Manitoba and talks energy.

Another Don Quixote Thanksgiving


  1. I wonder how a similar article would be written if it were covering the agricultural choice of using pesticides or organic growing methods for providing food. The charts would show how many more pounds of vegetables could be produced by the less process and labor-intensive use of pesticides. Much more of the crop would make it to market in pristine shape. They would rightly show a lower per pound cost of the product. The one thing they would fail to show is that people just prefer organic, and therefore organic produce is very profitable to grow. These articles are long on explaining financial incentives, but they ignore that people may just prefer another choice. Once you've tried living with power supplied by wind and solar, and in a home outfitted with the latest in efficiency and insulation products you tend to want to stay that way. You don't have to wait until the sky turns black, the water becomes acidified, and the polar ice caps melt to decide that paying a little more for your clean energy versus your non-sustainable fossil fuels is worth doing.