Economist: Is This the End?

Stark new Economist cover on the fireball that is the Euro zone.

… the threat of a disaster does not always stop it from happening. The chances of the euro zone being smashed apart have risen alarmingly, thanks to financial panic, a rapidly weakening economic outlook and pigheaded brinkmanship. The odds of a safe landing are dwindling fast.


  1. Can we take this as a contrary indicator then? I'm not sure if the economist qualifies as a 'cover indicator' per Barry Ritholtz

  2. "Time magazine" is a contrary indicator. The Economist is right more often than not:

  3. And the cover from that 2005 issue:

  4. Leave it to economist to sensationalize a topic… Eur goes no where although it'll be a smaller, leaner eu..periphery should have never been let into the union in the first place..don't get me wrong though..I'm short the eur!!