Wave Heights in Current Storm

Impressive wave heights off Cape Cod right now in current storm. Check the buoy data:


And if you’re more of a snow kind of person, there’s this:

Sbiw totals


  1. Very few people can appreciate what transpires in the North Atlantic Ocean on a daily basis throughout the late fall, winter and early spring months . Routinely ships at sea fight for their very lives as they pass through these storms, many with hurricane force winds and mountainous seas. Yes, I did it for years as a merchant marine officer, riding out 125 mph winds and 80 foot seas, all the while praying the cargo lashings would hold. It's a little easier now because ships are bigger and have the technology to see the approaching weather thus enabling them to bypass the worst of it. I always still smile when the newsman says that a storm will "pass harmlessly out to sea". Here's to you fellow sailors, may god have mercy on your souls.