Twitter Digest: 2011-10-30

  • If you want an excuse to operate on a healthy athlete, just get an MRI – /cc @jonahlehrer #
  • My review of the new Steve Job biography – #
  • As a Jobs book review aside, I was pleased to get a bit of caps lock in there: "OMG IT'S STEVE JOBS!!!". No review complete without it. #
  • Good post. RT @fredwilson: Protecting The Safe Harbors Of The DMCA And Protecting Jobs #
  • Weekend Barron's joins the bulls, talking up technology, etc one month into an epic rally. Nice pic tho. #
  • I'm digging Instacast app on iPhone for podcasts. Recommended. What a cloud iTunes should do, but doesn't. #
  • I think I'm only going to watch "making of" videos for First Round Holiday Videos from now on – #
  • Catching up with A.J. Jacobs, the “healthiest person alive”. Turns out it ain't easy. #
  • [post] tuart Kauffman on “The End of a Physics Worldview” #
  • Why shouldn't we be troubled by the reaction of the NYPD to this ticket-fixing scandal? #
  • I just had someone suggest I drop in next time I'm in Abu Dhabi. Does that happen? Feel I should counter with Mcmurdo Station. #
  • So Who Needs Wall Street? Today's entrepreneurs don't aspire to be public – #

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