Twitter Digest: 2011-10-29

  • The Republican plan "includes $600 million in new revenue, mostly by assuming economic growth" #
  • Thoughtful post from ex-Wall Streeter and current VC @fdestin on the #OWS movement – #
  • Recall Vancouver house with 25-person bidding war 6 months ago that went for $2.2m? It's now being flipped for $3.5m. #
  • [post] Vancouver Bidding-War House? It’s Being Flipped for 78% Gain #
  • Think this may be my favorite bad software demo of 2011. Especially the upside-down part. #
  • Today in accidental Onion headlines. RT @CMEGroup: We've created a timeline of financial ingenuity and innovation #
  • Fascinating the revenge effects in contact lenses, with high-water, long-wear lenses causing dryness disorders. /cc @edward_tenner #
  • My friends at Smartr have launched their iPad news app. Very clever product. (Full disc: Am investor) #
  • On that bad software demo … RT @grocklein: @pkedrosky It's like she's trying to present her way out of a hostage situation. #
  • Good test of demarkation problem in phil of science: If you send jackasses to science meeting, can people tell? #
  • Checking my spam folder, & it seems Russian women want to help me with cancelled ACH Transactions for past taxes. That's great. #
  • You big data people may dig this: TV ads in the age of databases, & rise of "best available screen" – #
  • RIM gets desperate to move BlackBerry Playbooks #
  • Commodity traders: The trillion-dollar club – #
  • Incredible data in that Reuters piece, like … Glencore in 2010 controlled 55% of world's traded zinc market, and 36% of copper. #
  • Good post by @johnbattelle on the changing nature of government & the U.S. economy. Non-partisan and empirical. #
  • Latest Sprott comment on commodities talks up oil – #
  • How the technology of performance capture is ruining movies (even more) – #
  • How do you tweet an URL without Twitter encoding it as an URL? #
  • Community service: AdBlock filter "||getconnected DOT southwestwifi DOT com$third-party" blocks annoying in-air SWA wi-fi banner. #
  • Apple accounting geekery, but this @asymco guy is an analytical star. #
  • From 2007 to 2011 Apple added an entire Procter & Gamble worth of revenues, during the worst downturn since the Depression. #

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