Twitter Digest: 2011-10-26

  • Dirty money: Canadians mistake a strand of DNA on new $100 bill for a sex toy. #
  • Madrick/Partnoy: Should Some Bankers Be Prosecuted? #
  • Technology & the evolution of tennis: Trading aces – /via @EddyElfenbein #
  • Rumors that I am in talks to acquire RIMM are completely untrue. [There, now there is no-one left unrumored about.] #
  • I was thinking of calling it "Kedroxter". RT @ReformedBroker: @pkedrosky Kedrosky in Motion $KIMM #
  • Someone emailed yesterday to say he just saw a quote from me running onscreen in an NYC elevator. #ImBiginElevators #
  • Zulauf: Alea jecta est, morituri te salutamus, the game is afoot. Or something. #
  • .@jbminn I am currently Bloomberg's special correspondent for both jello and nuclear fusion. #
  • For we Asterix & Obelix geeks only, but … Asterix Latin jokes explained – #
  • BBC documentary: The British establishment: Who for? How it stumbles from crisis to crisis – #
  • RT @TechCrunch: Wikinvest Brings Its Investment Portfolio Tracker To The iPad #
  • The moral case for NGDP targeting, by @interfluidity #
  • Must we do this again? RT @peHUB: France’s “Silicon Sentier” Thrives as Web Hotbed #
  • Whoa, Walken and Bourdain together, like a street-style supergroup – #
  • Today in we are _so_ screwed RT @mashable: Leonardo DiCaprio Dives Into the Startup Scene – #
  • Amazon getting Netflix-ed afterhours. I genuinely thought I bought enough books there this quarter to drive an earnings beat. #
  • I feel I should point out that I am the cause of tomorrow's snowstorm in Colorado. #
  • I apparently now now get all emails from @herbgreenberg intended for his mechanic. #
  • Salomon Freeski TV takes a look at Norwegian ski culture. Gorgeous footage. /via @jeffbrines #
  • Opensignalmaps is a nifty idea. Too bad its data seems even spottier than cell coverage. #
  • It's so cute that humans think a few decades is a long time. #
  • Wrote a review of the new Steve Jobs biography. Should be posted shortly, and I'll tweet the link when it's up. #
  • Provocative: Why Goldman Sachs is being tarred unfairly – #
  • The perceived absurdity of Bayesian inference #
  • Today in strange Bloomberg headlines: BofC Beats HSBC as Dim Sum Market Opened #
  • When/how did "I'm/you're/they're doing it wrong" become a meme? #
  • More early "Doing it wrong" spotting RT @hedgefundinvest: @pkedrosky January 21, 2004 #
  • Like Brent, and conceding that RSS readers are passé, I still wish I could find one that synced outside Google Reader – #
  • El Hierro Submarine Eruption : Image of the Day #
  • Good overview: New Technologies Redraw the World’s Energy Picture – #
  • Almost perfect edge-of-apocalypse photo from the ongoing Thai floods – /via @GreatDismal #
  • We need Dungeon Masters for the real world #
  • What Is It About "Simpler Taxes" That Politicians Don't Understand? – #
  • New paper: Inattention to rare events – #

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