Twitter Digest: 2011-10-25

  • Doing spot on @BloombergTV today at 3pm pst. Subject is the resurgent tin industry. Or was that Apple. I forget. #
  • At tonight's bombed-out price Netflix has, on average, lost $150m in mkt cap cap every trading day since its 7/13/11 peak. Impressive. #
  • Made complex analogy on @BloombergTV involving Bill Gates, Nelson's Column and Canadian tourists. Sorry. I blame hyponatremia. #
  • First full ski descent of Manaslu, world's eighth-tallest mountain – #
  • When is the last time you gave someone a business card? I'll start: Sometime in 2009. #
  • Feeling huge peer pressure to have my own Seven-Point Plan to Save the Eurozone. I mean, all the cool kids have one. #
  • Hello, Spain? I'm coming back in a couple of weeks. And Portugal? You too. Try to pick up first. #
  • My CIO friend reminds me that he thinks we could see a 20-30% year-end rally, not a mere 10% one. I stand bullishly corrected. #
  • I'll shut up now about business card practices, but the tweets on "last business card" suggest platykurtic with positive skewness. #
  • The most dangerous intersection for pedestrians in New York City is the corner of Park & 33rd #
  • Gmail hotkeys are going nuts on me, constantly muting/deleting/archiving emails when I am in mid response. Driving me barking mad. #
  • When Soybeans is Money, Part XXIV RT @MarkThoma: The Future of Cash – FRBSF Economic Letter #
  • Tablet externalities, or how iPads are killing hotel wifi – #
  • Speaking of slow hotel wifi, have repeatedly had Skype audio/video fail recently in hotels for bandwidth reasons. #
  • Congrats @bowman. Huge news. /cc @lesamitchell #

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