Twitter Digest: 2011-10-24

  • Cross innumeracy & scientific illiteracy & you get this: Measles cases highest since 1996 in Canada/U.S. – #
  • Good roundup of information on Turkey's 7.2 earthquake early this morning – #
  • Are we reaching ‘peak car’? – /via @rhh #
  • From the continuing Atlantic photo series — World War II: The Fall of Imperial Japan – #
  • Original iPod was released 10 (!) years ago today – #
  • Why can't you tickle yourself? #
  • Ouch RT @lesamitchell: Meet today's most innovative entrepreneurs. no women #
  • .@RobTyrie It was the "no women" part I was highlighting. #
  • Secretive Seth Klarman's gotten bullish – #
  • Good discussion about why risk management systems don't, you know, manage risk – #
  • #nowplaying #279: Auto Show on This American Life with @TuneIn #
  • WSJ: Only three of 1,213 U.S. IPOs since 1998 that raised over $100m offered 5.4% or less of their shares. #HelloGroupon #
  • Humble post from @fredwilson on how VCs learn from entrepreneurs. Too bad the people who need the lesson won't get it. #
  • Great question. Anyone name the three low-float firms? RT @GregCook2011: @pkedrosky FTW name the 3 firms? #
  • Evans-Pritchard: World economic power is swinging back to America – #
  • I haven't read it, but …. The American Phoenix: And why China and Europe will struggle after the coming slump #
  • "Steve used to say to me,“Hey Jonny, here’s a dopey idea"": Apple to post video from Steve Jobs celebration – #
  • Halfway thu Steve Jobs bio. Tally: Six splutters, five "wha?!"s, four snorts, and two guffaws. More later. #
  • I need to read more books like this, reminding me that, while an asshole, I could be much more of an asshole. #

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  1. carlmercurio says:

    Re: “I need to read more books like this…” Which book are you referring to?