Twitter Digest: 2011-10-18

  • "Internet Killed The Radio Store" – Mall Vacancies Hit All Time Record – #
  • Excellent interview with Bill Clinton in Weekend FT. This link should transit the paywall. #
  • The doing and undoings of film critic Pauline Kael – /via @wrongologist #
  • On Brownian motion in a coffee cup, or the pointlessness of daily stock market reporting – #
  • Senate hearing on ETFs scheduled for Wed. #
  • Remarkable: 100-year-old marathoner sets world record by completing Toronto race #
  • VC firms hiring HR people as partners. Didn't we do that at the peak of the last bubble? #
  • Just finished it, & it's geekishly great: Mosquito Empires: Ecology and War in the Greater Caribbean, 1620-1914 #
  • "[The] whole damn war business is about nine hundred and ninety-nine parts diarrhea to one part glory." – Walt Whitman #
  • Briefly flipped on CNBC this morning and realized that @herbgreenberg is increasingly looking like Louis Rukeyser's younger brother. #
  • Anyone out there dropped Dropbox in favor of iCloud? I just can't get there. #
  • So, a bunch of quick responses (thanks!) on dropping Dropbox for iCloud, and it's unanimous: iCloud isn't there yet. #
  • iOS vs. Microsoft: Comparing the bottom lines #
  • Progressivity, tax rates, and Warren Buffett (via JP Morgan) – #
  • Visualizing life expectancy changes #
  • Why people think they sweat more when they stop running. I have explained this so many times. #
  • RT @nytimesbusiness: IBM Earnings Meet Expectations #
  • Have Web 2.0 Summit live video stream on in background. Going to see how long I last until exasperated. #
  • There are few public speaker cliches that say "I'm an idiot!" clear than bellowing "Good morning!" until your audience does same. #
  • .@BradCasemore I missed that. It took until this Intel guy. So … I'm out. #
  • Learned of Kristen Schaal on latest @Radiolab's episode. Apparently once went for 20 minutes. Love it. #
  • Canadian real estate bubble expands, with Toronto real estate price gains now touching Vancouver levels – #
  • The most remarkable figure if you want to compare Canada & U.S. real estate prices. #
  • Two things on that real estate chart: 1) Vancouver skews market by 10-15%; & 2) CDN $ conversion makes gap wider. Gap still exists tho. #
  • Improvement in US mortgage delinquencies ends, as prime becomes new subprime – #
  • That real estate chart compares "median" U.S. prices to "average" Canadian prices. Bizarre and likely indefensible choice by BMO/G&M. #
  • The NYT is finally writing what I and others have only been saying about Groupon for … months – #

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