Twitter Digest: 2011-10-17

  • Ritholtz: My New Approach to Spam (Also, Constant Contact Sucks) #
  • Halfway through Pinker's new book about declining violence over time, and, while he writes well, I'm less convinced than before reading. #
  • My issue with Pinker is about distributions. I see declines bookended by paroxysms higher; he sees continuous decline. I hope he's right. #
  • Indifferent first review of Spielberg's new Tintin movie. Ugh. #
  • Finally getting around to listening to Radiolab's latest episode, on Loops. It is, of course, excellent. #
  • Saudi Aramco, world's top energy producer, is beginning to look beyond oil. Interesting augury #
  • "People used to be shocked at tourists visiting favelas. Now there are funk and jazz parties and favela movie shows." #
  • For my sins, I am in Vegas for a chunk of next week, Seems appropriate, in the circumstances. #
  • Why, all of a sudden in IOS 5, is my NYer subscription only available in Newsstand? Can't I have it in the standalone app anymore? #
  • Debates this year have almost twice as many viewers as Democratic or Republican debates did 4 years ago. #
  • Institutional trading positions and market bubble patterns – #
  • Sports medicine doctors are from mars; ultra endurance athletes are from Venus — #
  • The second economy: Brian Arthur on how we're ushering in the biggest changes since the Industrial Revolution – #
  • Q: Where have all the IPOs gone? A: Gone forever, even with regulatory changes – #
  • RIM is screwed, Part XXXIV in a series. Collect them all. #
  • Some provocative new work on tumor vascularization & Peto's Paradox — why whales don't die of cancer – #
  • Fun LA Times piece about a favorite town, Nelson BC: "Picture a college town that has misplaced its university." #
  • And … with that barrage of tweets, consider yourselves duly informed about something or another. #
  • Strange Headlines: A new study looks at how regularity can be used to identify cases of fraud in public documents #
  • QotD: "…it seems to me that 15 years of email is plenty for one lifetime." – Donald Knuth #
  • This is almost unbearable, so be forewarned, but Atlantic's WWII photo series moves on to the Holocaust – #

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