Twitter Digest: 2011-10-16

  • Great to see entrepreneurial energy in disrupting finance, but social stockpicking and crowd EPS estimates are just paving cowpaths. #
  • NYT: Manhattan lease prices pass peak 2007 levels #
  • NYT: Mexico’s President Reloads in Drug War #
  • Wealthtrack interview with Rob Arnott – #
  • A modest proposal: Cancel all retirement plans – #
  • Watch Siri "Work" On the Old iPhone 4 #
  • Training for a couple of beastly trail races over coming weeks, and have dropped under 160 lb. Jeans hang off me in unsettling way. #
  • Have long been baffled by South Korean religiosity. The Economist weighs in on " Jerusalem of the East" #
  • Missed this in GQ Feb 2008: How the sheep are out to get us #
  • Good CDC overview: Progress Toward Implementation of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination #
  • Strange Bloomberg Headlines: Fed Pays Lip Service to Beef to Skirt Ridicule #
  • Decline Watch: Ivy League universities are now India's safety schools #
  • Solar Panels Start To Outshine Mirrors – #
  • I'm convinced that sometime in next four quarters MSFT misses & guides down. Would that it be next week's report …. #

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  1. Exotic Animals Escape Ohio Farm; Owner Found Dead