Twitter Digest: 2011-10-15

  • Colleague of mine made entertaining case yesterday that the path of most pain for the most investors is a 10-15% leap higher. #
  • That AAPL death star trade YTD – #
  • WordPress-ers: I need a new twitter digest plugin to take tweets and post them as blog entry. Mine is failing. /cc @photomatt #
  • Finally watched Donnie Darko. So almost great, but not quite, esp the ick end. Nevertheless, inventive, unsettling and … good tunes. #
  • Economist: The booms and busts of stockmarkets in the 20th century. #
  • IBM's "Goldilocks" model? #
  • Airlines sued over idiotic patent for mobile checkin. #
  • So true. RT @gaberivera: @johnbattelle Actually, even calling it The Battelle 2.0 Summit may be an improvement. #
  • Everything about this data terrifies me. #
  • People take these iPhone 4S teardowns awfully seriously. Infrared microscopes? #
  • Yet another article makes same point I made two (!) years ago in my TED talk wrt the Simon/Ehrlich bet – #
  • Watching the market absorb iPhone 4S teardown data the last few days has been fun – #
  • I apparently rated a mention on CNBC today under an alias. Well, that's a first. #
  • The "Too many kids go to college debate" with Peter Thiel, Vivek, etc #
  • Just did Bloomberg segment while wearing flannel shirt. #SmellsLikeTeenFinancialCommentary #
  • The Copernican revolution in economics #
  • Not family reading & NSFW, but … the causes & consequences of female public hair's disappearance – #
  • Not family reading & NSFW, but … the causes & consequences of female pubic hair's disappearance – #
  • .@mathewi Fixed. Damn iPad was insistent on changing pubic to public. Prudish thing. #
  • Black Swans on the Prairie: On the farmland bubble #
  • The Jim (Meatloaf/Bat Out of Hell) Steinman story: "I've been called over the top. How silly." #
  • Facebook shares go "no sale": SecondMarket Facebook Auction #43 Fails To Clear Any Shares: #

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