Twitter Digest: 2011-10-08

  • Jova now modeled to be Cat 3 hurricane when it makes landfall on Mexico's west coast this Wednesday. ->
  • Sorting through the 2011 hedge fund wreckage. ->
  • Google Translate on Silvio Berlusconi's "culona inchiavabile" description of Angela Merkel – ->
  • Gobsmacked that at 43% driving accuracy Tiger Woods made the cut at Fry's. Should be sponsored by off-road vehicle co. ->
  • I'd like an all-media, perpetual filter for any writer or publication talking about the "next Steve Jobs". ->
  • Reengineering Afghanistan: How the U.S. spent hundreds of millions trying to create an electric grid – ->
  • Can't, won't … whatever: Saudis See No Reason to Raise Oil Output Capacity – /cc @GregorMacdonald ->
  • Pakistan, Adrift From U.S., Pulls Closer to a Reluctant China – ->
  • Kiyosato: High plains drifter – ->