Twitter Digest: 2011-10-06


  1. Carl Mercurio says:

    Re. Jobs:

    At the risk of sounding like a wanker, I can't say I felt particularly mournful about his death — except to the extent that death in general is a meloncholy thing. His work didn't inspire me or fill me with the kind of hope others seem to have felt. He was a genius and made some great (really nifty) products. Did he change the world? Probably. But so did the guy who invented the washing-machine.


  2. Palpatine says:

    Re: @jaltucher

    He's your friend? Seems perfect then. Two peas in a pod, two basket cases, to neurotics. What a crock of crap he wrote about billionaires based on little data and using the word "probably". I can think of two billionaires who probably didn't / don't have any of those six so-called diseases: Steve Jobs and Pierre Omidyar. Oops, looks like @jaltucher didn't collect enough billionaire data did he. Awe shucks, you might as well add a third pea to the pod, your friend Henry Blodgett the nervous neurotic crackpot (but who can blame Henry, coming from a wealthy New England family with high parental expectations).

    • Paul Kedrosky says:

      Normally I just delete this sort of nonsense and block the commenter permanently, but I'll leave this one here for now, mostly because it's so completely, gibberingly mad. Spelling mistakes, humorlessness, baseless accusations, arguing from exceptions, gross generalizations: it's like a 101 course in "How to Get Blocked".