Twitter Digest: 2011-09-30


  1. john gurley says:

    Sorry, but the large corporation booster-ism in the Bloomberg article on "small business" booster-ism is a bit much. Large corporations are not efficient:

    Large business's main growth mechanism is acquisition, not organic growth. What do they buy? Smaller businesses. Then they prune their workforce.

  2. Matt Watson says:

    I love the comment made about "stop pampering small business." How about making the comment "stop bailing out large and lazy corporations."

  3. Protesters-not-Smil says:

    What a waste of time, why is Vaclav Smil writing about Steve Jobs? Doesn't he have anything better to do? Who the hell ever said Steve Jobs should be compared to Edison anyway? This is just unnecessary noise. The more apropos comparison that rang the bells of the blogosphere was that of Steve Jobs to all CEOs the past 50 – 100 years per Eric Schmidt. Get a life Kedrosky. By the way, for a guy who pride himself on predicting being a quasi know-it-all and writing recently about predicting social unrest in the U.S. by 2013, why haven't you yet blogged about the Occupy Wall Street protesters which started out as some college students?