Rick Perry’s H&R Block Plan

From Cassidy in NY-er:

Let’s do the politics first. Whatever you think of Cain’s “9-9-9” plan—and as I’ve said repeatedly, I don’t think it bears inspection—it is simple and snappy. Tear up the tax code. Tax workers, businesses, and consumers at nine per cent. That’s it. (Actually, in response to criticisms, it’s become a bit more complicated recently—but that was how it started out.)

Perry’s plan, by contrast, keeps the current tax code in place but gives people the option of opting out of it and paying a flat tax of twenty per cent. This means that under President Perry—say it to yourself a few times and see how it sounds—there would be two tax systems, not one. Perhaps in Texas, that counts as simplifying the tax code and cutting out the army of accountants, tax experts, and other leeches who feed on the current system. Elsewhere, it would mean hiring an accountant to figure out what is the best deal for you. Perhaps it should be called the “H&R Block Plan.”

via Rational Irrationality: Rick Perry’s Ugly Tax Hybrid: Not Flat, Not Fair, Not Credible : The New Yorker.