Reviewing the New Steve Jobs Biography

I reviewed the new Steve Job biography for the Globe & Mail. Here are the opening two ‘graphs:

On his hospital bed after a 2009 liver transplant, Steve Jobs, heavily medicated and passing into and out of consciousness, tried to persuade nurses to bring him a selection of oxygen masks from which to choose the design that he liked best. His wife, Laurene Powell, finally had to distract the ailing Jobs long enough so that the hospital staff could get a mask on him.

If Walter Isaacson’s new biography of the recently deceased Jobs only told this story and stopped, you would have 97 per cent of what you needed to know about Apple’s founder and chief executive officer. First, being deathly ill troubled him less than did offending his finely developed aesthetic instincts. Second, as a control freak’s control freak, few things could set Jobs off more than the loss of control inherent in anesthesia and surgery (an abhorrence that may have helped cost him his life).

You can read rest of  the review here.


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