PC Market Sales Data

I’m biased horribly given my Microsoft position, but I can’t help bfeel reinforced by Gartner’s continuing revisions downward to PC sales.

Pcgrowth 460


  1. God help you, did you actually short Microsoft? On the basis of a chart like that, would you short AT&T or Verizon? How about Philip Morris? Pfizer? Oracle? In my experience, heavy Apple users and employees are incapable of dispassionately analyzing MSFT the way they would any other business. Why not short the big telcos: didn't Apple just vaporize the (100% gross margin) text messaging business? Aren't iPhone and Android about to dial their ROIs down to the same pain threshhold they did with Sprint? There are plenty of good shorts in today's market, but I don't think MSFT is one of them. As I always say: don't short stocks angry! [Disclosure: long MSFT since April, but also long some utilities and other boring stuff.]