Oil: Serial Equities Killer

Oil equ

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  1. don d. says:

    For industrial countries to prosper they require abundant and inexpensive energy. Obama does not
    display a willingness to accept this reality; he knows better but it is in his personal best interest to
    ignore this element of any sustainable recovery….

    • euroBob says:

      FYI Germans are paying 1.8euros per liter for gas (that's about 9.12USD/Gallon), and yet they recovered from the crisis faster than anyone else.

      • euroBobEcho says:

        Re Germany:
        Existing export economy, country the size of one of our states (dense), long conditioned on higher priced oil.

  2. kiers says:

    O look! the correlation exactly matches the active phase of the Qe2 and Qe1 period (which is not marked in the graph).

    At least Bernanke will have bestowed new knowledge to future mini-bernankes' who specialize their whole lives in depression era economics. Bravo. Pip Pip..

    • dennis says:

      Does it? Is that why oil doubled in price between 2007 and August 2008 and stocks stayed flat?

  3. guest says:

    you have the labels backwards.

  4. Guest says:

    Oil looks like an obvious short based on that graph