Occupy Wall Street, the Cover

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  1. I support much of the occupiers and their right to protest some of the injustice that has occured; however truth is, there will always be inequity and there will always be a divide caused by money and power.

    • That's certainly different from saying that we shouldn't make changes. It's clearly impossible to get everything exactly right, but the problem now is that we are so far from an equilibrium point that people have to push back. The 99% have been quiet through a long period of *really* getting the shaft and the fact that they're speaking out now is a testament to how severely the last decade of wealth destruction has hit the middle and under classes.

  2. The State of the Union:

    There are equalizing forces coming into play
    The Occupy Wall St movement is coming your way
    Don't take lightly what they say.
    In this country you can vote but you cant vote for those who run the country
    Its big money ,Wall St ,banksters and lobbyists that really make that call
    Of where this country heading and who will fill government halls
    And Wall street wont stop stealing till they have it all
    So now is our time to speak out with our backs against the wall.
    We are the rest that don't have it all.

    Wall st and Banks play a game they can never lose
    Using all their cunning tactics and powers they abuse
    Leaving us up the creek without a raft
    They just took gold mine and gave us the shaft

    To the best and brightest the architects of this pain
    We all just wish you would get ashamed
    And help the rest of us out
    With your ill gotten gains.

    When Corporations and Wall st want a favor they get the lobbyist to fund their candidate
    Winning has nothing to do with who won the debates
    Political parties at each others door trying to get the other to give an inch
    No one ever wins there ,but public loses that's a cinch
    If you don't like the system go stand up for your your rights
    No matter what party you're just a knife at the gun fights.
    And you're candidate so hopeful and so full of grace
    will show up in Washington and get that smile wiped off his face.
    He will struggle to get his way fighting hard but then
    Give into the system and become one of them.
    He's now got a job and will hang onto it with both tooth and nail
    And if he caters to lobbyists hes guaranteed not to fail
    He'll just become one of them who knows how to weave and bob
    Just remember Mr politician to tip your hat to the people that you robbed.
    Of their confidence in you to make a change but then
    The only thing that changed is you are now one of them.