Alex Honnold on 60 Minutes

When stuff happens on “TV” I miss it all the time. Apparently free solo climber Alex Honnold (of Alone on the Wall fame) was on 60 Minutes, and so … the clip follows. Warning: Whoever the woman who hosts this segment might be, she doesn’t know climbing.


  1. I found this very disturbing. People should be able to live (and therefore die) as they please, short of harming others, but something about this guy's compulsion for climbing solo seems pathological. Maybe he's bipolar. I feel sorry for him and I really feel bad for his parents. If my son were doing this, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night without some heavy meds.

    • your a fucking idiot. Alex honnold is an amazing athlete that fact that you can't see what he is doing as anything short of amazing is completely pathetic. pathological? its called drive. there are very few people who can do what he does, and he does because he loves it. i would love for alex honnold to be my son.

      • I never said he wasn't amazing. One can be both amazing and mentally unbalanced. I hope you don't/never have any kids. I hate to think what it would take to make you a proud dad.

        • terrible comment dude, honestly, alex is remarkable human being. Someone who is truly free, the capacity to do what he does is so far beyond that its incredible. An inspiration.

          If you're an insecure father, then that is truly a shame, a father that would destroy the dreams of his offspring to satisfy his own fears.

          Alex an athlete so far ahead its unreal.

          • Again, never said he wasn't remarkable, incredible, amazing, etc. A father doesn't want to see his son die falling off a rock, whether he's living his dream or not. I will be shocked if he is alive in 10 years. And if he does fall to his death, his fans of course will go on about how he died doing what he loved. I'm as live and let live as anyone, and he has every right to do what he's doing. I just find it sad that he has a compulsion to do something so dangerous, in the same way I feel sorry for a heroin addict.

          • Mother of two boys says:

            Before you make such a judgement call on his mental stability or character, you should educate yourself beyond the small slice of information 60 minutes flashes. Have you ever seen a documentary on his life, including extensive interviews with his mother, teachers, and friends? I have.
            Alex's drive in what is a dangerous sport only puts him at risk, one he is well aware of as is his mother, who, by the way, fully supports him…gonna call her crazy too?

          • Be so kind as to provide a link then. I'll reserve judgement on her until I've seen it.

  2. James Cameron says:

    I caught this on 60 Minutes. I have never witnessed any feat that even remotely approached this in terms of fearlessness, endurance, skill, risk and unbelievability. Unless I'd seen it, I would never have thought it possible.

    Great camera work.

  3. Transor Z says:

    Lara Logan was the reporter who was sexually assaulted in Tahrir Square.

    • Paul Kedrosky says:

      Ah, I remember the story. Well, kudos to her for the new gig, but I'massuming climbing is really not her thing.

      • Sounds like you're taking it kind of personally–if you think people on TV generally know what they're talking about, you've been away from CNBC for too long! Besides, why single out the newsreader when the producer is the one who writes the script?

  4. moreoldthanbold says:

    Reminds me of this Dan Osman video. Near death experience at 0:18.

    Osman later faked his own death, married the daughter of a senator, and now runs the risk management division of a major bank. Some guys have all the luck.

    • Faked his own death? According to wikipedia he died in a climbing accident in 1998. I can't tell if you're kidding or if you've bought into an urban legend.

      • He is just screwing with you and wiki is wrong(kinda) he died while bungee jumping on what i think was his last jump that he was ever gonna do.

        • FUCKESTEBAN says:

          Not bungee jumping, rope jumping… his fall line was crossed over his anchor line, which caused the anchor line to melt due to friction from the fall line. He was using climbing ropes far beyond what they were intended for.

          You were right that he was quoted to have said that it would be his last jump, to which he would retire to his wife and children.

  5. Wow, I never thought I'd live to witness this level of human performance! As a climber, I understand (to a very small degree) what is like to balance human emotions on the wall and still be able deliver. I first read about him about 4 yrs ago, and I am still left dumbstruck every time I see him gracefully solo through these magnificent walls.


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