Twitter Digest: 2011-09-15

  • All that's missing in this 50%-off deal for a campaign dinner with President Obama is the Groupon. ->
  • Fixed and retweeted on Obama/Geithner/Citi. My error. ->
  • Allegation in new book: Geithner didn't consider liquidating Citibank in 2009 when asked to by Pres Obama. /via @jashsf ->
  • As pointed out by @matthewstoller, Geithner allegedly ignored Obama directive to "consider" liquidating Citbank. I'll fix tweet. ->
  • Lots of troubling tidbits like the preceding from Ron Susskind's new book. ->
  • I am supposedly going to New York next week. Still trying to figure out how that happened. ->
  • Programming note: The BBC series "How the Earth Made Us" is wonderful. Too bad there's no way to, you know, link & share. ->

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