Twitter Digest: 2011-09-08

  • SDGE: We have 1.4 million customers without power. ->
  • The scale of this CA outage is difficulty to comprehend/communicate. Really highlights fragility of aging US power grid. ->
  • SDGE press conference underway. Saying both major lines into SoCal down, "an event" happened, & power could be out into tomorrow. ->
  • Almost an hour into unprecedented SoCal power outage and @SDGE just said it still doesn't know cause. ->
  • LAT on power story, but no new info: Massive power outage hits San Diego – ->


  1. gee, you think it could have been the 2 x-class solar flares, and the 2 m-class solar flares over the previous 48 hours?

  2. It was caused by a maintenance issue at a substation in AZ, total operator error. BTW power grids don't age. That thesis is a crock.