Twitter Digest: 2011-09-02


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  2. Comments look ugly on here.

  3. I just saw this "Grinding the Crack" video right after reading about the Futility of knowledge of physics in helping the Caltech team (1-16) win matches! That can NOT be said about this wing-suit "dude" Jeb Corliss (IF this video is 4 real! the way it's edited, it borderline pushes appearing fake/CGI).

    Looking at him, I can only presume he couldn't "do Newtonian mechanics" to save his life…..and YET, this "flight" required a thorough caltech type analysis of the terrain, and overall slope downward, terminal velocity which waypoints to hit etc etc. It's sort of like ski-"jumping" at the olympics: sure the skiers are "flying" only because the ground is shaped to follow their downfall (!)

    I would like to know how this guys jump was set up and planned….aparently to within 2 feet of the ground (near the balloon guy). THIS is the sport Caltech article should talk about. Not tennis. But i suspect htis is fake.

  4. Fake, no. Not long for this world, yes.