The History of Options

Good paper with historical overview of options:

This chapter discusses the history of option contracts from ancient times until the appearance of Theorie der Prämiengeschäfte by Vincenz Bronzin in 1908.  The history examines the use of contracts with option features prior to the introduction of trade in free standing option contracts on the Antwerp bourse during the 16th century.  Descriptions of the Amsterdam share option market by de la Vega in the 17th century and de Pinto in the 18thcentury are reviewed.  The specific language of a late 17th century English option contract is provided in detail.  The development and practice of option trading in the 18th and 19th centuries, as reflected  in merchant manuals of that period, isexamined.  The article concludes with an overview of late 19th century option trading in securities and commodities.

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