Shiller on the Outlook

Yale’s Robert Shiller in an interview worth listening to on the outlook.


  1. Robert Schiller's modesty & uncertainty – that he couches his opinions in – are fine. I would have expected more insight into seminal, earth-shattering, fundamental changes that are taking place across the planet / global economies. May be Americans are too close up to the action in the USA, and unable to see things as clearly as those of us from afar. He does not seem to be hooked into what's happening in the trenches, the desperation & fraud that is taking place in US institutions (SEC, FED, CFTC. to name just a few). We are talking tectonics !! Tectonic shifts in the financial markets, the looming unacceptability of the USD in global trade, the muzzling of the actual crises in & by the global Media (CNN, CNBC.. even the BBC has dropped or tamed programmes like Panorama that did real, hard hitting exposes of what's really going on. Not the "embedded media" of today – concealing / distorting and re-stating anodyne versions as part of the standard modus operandi – of ' the distraction game' !! The Interviewer's questions – & Schiller's responses – startling in their naiivete – everything back to normal, standard asset allocation, simple investment mantras – Kid stuff. Detached from the real world. Still esconced in their ivory towers, reading the tea leaves – and trying to figure out where to invest.. Yes – No one knows !! BUT – and there is a big but.. – fellas – don't you read what is going on in the world – from a non – American-centric perspective ? Recondition your minds – and see what os really going on – a seminal global change / rearrangement. And – America & American 'pride' – and America's views & America's take -(pride that Schiller quotes) – will have to re-adjust (bite the dust ??!! – Can't say) – but will be of increasingly less relevance.. as the years pass by – and the days of 'Empire' recede.. and one is back to picking up the pieces of a shattered past& the old glory days. The Social Contract is fracturing as we speak – in America. The Options are narrowing sharply. The world is unconvinced – too habituated /timid to NOT speak out – and tell the US just what mess they are in. Fraud – Institutional fraud & the great Con game – attempts are growing – though the world can see more clearly that the Emperor's new clothes are a figment of the deluded Emperor's imagination…. As Kurt Vonnegut Jr famously once wrote /said… .. " And so it goes…… "

    Wake up buddy…. the show is over……. !!