Back from ten days of travel, including a too-short week hiking/biking in the Sierra Nevadas.
  • IPads Soon to Be Pricier Than Large-Screen Televisions: Chart of the Day – Bloomberg (Source)
  • Citigroup Sees U.S. Market Liquidity Drying Up: Chart of the Day – Bloomberg (Source)
  • ScienceDirect – Technological Forecasting and Social Change : How many singularities are near and how will they disrupt human history? (Source)
  • [1109.0214] Complexity (Source)
  • Universal laws and economic phenomena – Gerig – 2011 – Complexity – Wiley Online Library (Source)
  • The Area and Population of Cities: New Insights from a Different Perspective on Cities (Source)
  • Five Differences Between Ecological and Economic Networks (Source)
  • Fertilizing Nature: A Tragedy of Excess in the Commons (Source)
  • The God Clause and the Reinsurance Industry – BusinessWeek (Source)
  • One Path to Better Jobs – More Density in Cities – (Source)
  • Hotel guestroom technology trends (Source)
  • Shadow sovereign ratings of the 56 unrated countries around the world (Source)
  • The $500-billion slow-motion European bank run (Source)
  • Pettis: Spain out of euro, Germany to negative GDP growth, BRICs get whacked, etc. (Source)


  1. Sérgio Carvalho says:

    I think the link for the "$500-billion slow-motion European bank run" is wrong. You may delete this comment once you read it.

    I'll take the contact opportunity to congratulate you on a great great blog. It's a precious reference; keep it up!