Odd Pudding

“When you stir your rice pudding, Septimus, the spoonful of jam spreads itself round making red trails like the picture of a meteor in my astronomical atlas. But if you stir backwards, the jam will not come together again. Indeed, the pudding does not notice and continues to turn pink just as before. Do you think this is odd?”
– Tom Stoppard, Arcadia


  1. I guess jam-in-pudding does not exhibit laminar flow properties, then? (http://fuckyeahfluiddynamics.tumblr.com/page/3, sorry about the NSFW domain name)

  2. I was about to point out the same thing as Steve. Here's a link that your comment system might like better:

    Low Reynolds Numbers FTW

  3. Carl Mercurio says:

    Books to Read. Hey, Paul give us a few of your latest picks. Here are a few I've found to be excellent…

    Is Marriage for White People?

    Clarence Darrow: Attorney for the Damned

    A Rivers Runs Through It (It's a oldie, but I'd never read it before)

  4. for all the jerks who complain that you are not focused enough, I believe this is your best posting retort.
    Bravo PK.